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Practice Areas

Corporate Tax


We offer corporate tax (T2) preparation and can aid in the following tax related matters:

  • Deadlines for filing and payment of federal and provincial tax

  • Required monthly or quarterly instalments

  • Eligible business expenses

  • Salary vs. dividend decisions

  • Tax free employee benefits and allowances

  • Sale of shares vs. sale of assets decisions

  • Ownership structure

  • Lease vs. buy analysis

  • And much more...


Financial Statements


We provide compilation engagements including  Notice to Reader financial statements. 


Financial statements are necessary for making quality business decisions as they present information on the operations and overall financial position of a business.  Let us go through that information with you so you can understand the results and we can find ways to help improve and grow your business.





Doing the company's books can often be challenging and questions often arise.  Do you need to know where to record a certain expense?  Or whether an item should be capitalized?  With experience in both Sage Simply Accounting and Quickbooks, we can help solve all your bookkeeping problems.


Are you the bookkeeper of a mutual client?  We will work with you to ensure our client is receiving accurate and timely information to make the most profitable business decisions.



Whether your company is required to pay monthly, quarterly or annually we can help ensure your GST is filed on time. 


If your company is going through a GST audit, let us help.  We will meet with the auditors and deal with them directly, taking away the stress and letting you get back to your business. 


Wondering when you are required to register for a GST number? Give us a call and we can help assess your individual situation.



T4's and T5's are due each year at the end of February.  Make sure your T4's accurately include all the employment income, commissions, taxable allowances and benefits paid to your employees.  Avoid amending T4 returns by forgetting about those special situations such as salary deferral arrangements and retirement allowances.  We can help you determine whether your company is required to file electronically and avoid paying unnecessary interest and penalties. 


Personal Tax


Do you file your own T1 (personal tax return) each year but wonder if your missing out on those extra credits or deductions?  Did you have any of the following in the current year:

  • Moving, medical or tuition expenses

  • Change in marital status

  • Birth of a new baby

  • Child care expenses

  • Rental or self-employment expenses

Don't miss out.  Let us review your situation and ensure you get what you are entitled to.

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